The artist


Marie-Josée Robinson was born on the Montreal Island and now lives on its south shore.

Abstract painter since childhood, she quickly developed an interest for art in all its forms: drawings, photography, architecture, decoration, etc. Since 2008, her passion for painting has clearly been emerging. She first started with figurative painting and eventually fell in love with abstract art when she enrolled at Céline Girard’s school. Over the last four years, she has been exploring different techniques guided by her instinct and intuition and inspired by her numerous trips. In 2014, Marie-Josée exhibited her work for the very first time when participating to the collective Emotion’ELLES.

As an amateur photographer, she captures images during trips to find inspiring topics for her future work.



Art is my passion and I am particularly in love with abstract art. My creation process starts with inspiring pictures or colours and I then let my imagination run free. My canvases are unique works of art, filled with emotions and energy.​

Also an avid traveler, my creative approach starts with an image captured during one of my adventures and is solemnized by a freedom of movement. This freedom is echoed in a creative energy that involves spontaneous expression and intuition. The colours I use symbolize energy and freedom within creativity.

I want to make people travel when they look at my canvases, inspire them and make them experience all sorts of emotions.